Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Senior Pictures!

School is almost out! And, for photography it means senior picture time! A senior picture should reflect the person. No one wants the generic senior picture, you know the one, just a smiley face with absolutely no representation of the person or what they stand for. In order to do this, I suggest moving around and exploring to find a place that they love or that represents them and/or their hobby. If that is not possible, there are other ways. If they love the country, then incorporate cowboy boots. And, if they don't have a particular hobby, there are still ways to add interest to a photo. Use balloons, sparklers and don't be afraid to use effects, bubbles or a floating effect is always unique! Hope this helps!  

Friday, May 20, 2016

7 DIY Photography Tips Using Household Objects

Hello Everyone! Today I would like to talk about equipment. You don't have to have the best or most advanced equipment to take the best photos. In fact, some of the best equipment is in you own house! Here is a video by COOPH featuring DIY photography equipment. And, the results are amazing!

Photo Editing

Here is an example of a edited or manipulated photo. This photo was manipulated using Pixlr. The program I used on Pixlr was color splash. Color splash is a program that allows you to control the areas of your photo that have or don't have color. This is just an example of one program. My tip is to explore different programs and photo manipulating sites. You will find new and cool ways to edit your photos, that you may just like. Also, don't forget less is more. When editing a photo you don't need to change every aspect of the photo. Sometimes one simple edit can transform your image. Happy Editing!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Blog!

Hello world, this is my blog. This blog is going to be about photography. I will post different photos, information about the best equipment, and tips. I hope that you enjoy my posts and find them helpful in your own photography adventures. I am not an expert but I would love to share my favorite photos and tips that I find interesting and helpful, I hope you do as well.